About Us


Kishma Venture is an event organisation, who organises events on own ideas. We are moving  towards our Virtual Events and have started to organise our series of webinars in public and social concerns.

Our flagship project Mon Pokhila is a platform to build leadership in married women in India to empower their creative talents. The Assamese term Mon Pokhila implies ” dreams in OUR hearts, journey of leadership of married women in THEIR search of a new identity. Mon Pokhila- Dreams in OUR hearts- journey of leadership of married women, in THEIR search of a new identity!” It is a flagship project of our registered banner Kishma Venture. With our mission, we are uplifting the sacrificed dreams of a married woman & helping her to find her own individual identity. There are many countless accounts of daughters, wives & mothers in
India and World as well, who have been through their frustration & depression levels before joining our platform. Our finalists and winners are happier than they have started to get recognition for their hidden talents.

Our motto is to light a spark in the hearts of women of our society. So that they can inspire other such women to be extraordinary! With our mission ASPIRATION, ACCEPTANCE, GUIDANCE, RECOGNITION and ESTABLISHING TALENTS of married women.